A tavaly elkezdett sikeres '100 szóban Budapest' projekt folytatása újabb izgalmas kihívásokat adott a Mindspace csapatának.


2015-ben is márciustól júniusi tartó programsorozatot szerveztünk, amelyek segítették felhívni a figyelmet szeretett folyónkra, a Dunára.

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I was born and grew up in Budapest, i studied here tourism-hospitality and adult education, and still i live in the capital. I started to work at Mindspace from 2016. I organize the Danube Flow event series and take part in gamification activities.

The most important attitudes are for me the practicality, activity, and the positive attitude to work.

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Hannah MacDonald

I am a Canadian in Budapest. I am passionate about creating effective change to minimize environmental impact. I also love exploring cities, and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know Budapest. I studied Environmental Science at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada. I have experience in environmental assessment and remediation with EnGlobe Corp. in Alberta, Canada. I have worked in environmental education and communication with a focus on water and energy issues at the non-profit, ACAP-Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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I acted in the Studio of Új Színház for two years after my graduation. In 2007 I joined to KOMA drama group, that was established in those days. We worked together for 7 years. We created several plays until 2011, the year when we moved to the 15th district of Budapest and started to work as a community theatre. I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2014.

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I graduated at Budapest Corvinus University as an economist, my major was rural and environmental development. I was committed to sustainable development, so I intended to work on place where I can deal with such things.

Between 2008 and 2013 I worked for Magyar Telekom at the sustainability department. This five years taught me a hard lesson how CSR is implemented in corporate environment. My responsibilities were complex, from communication and event organizing (mainly in the first period) till project management and elaborating group-wide strategies.

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Painting, acting, writing, taking photos, reading, playing the piano, singing, teaching English.
In my high school years.

Taking pictures, teaching English, volunteering for British Council’s Challenge Europe Programme, volunteering at TEDxYouth@Budapest conference, plenty of workshops and study trips.
In my years of the photography course.

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I have developed a growing interest for environmental protection ever since participating in an environmentalist association’s (Pangea Egyesület) summer camp (Sünitábora), where I was first introduced to the ideas of ecological and cultural conscientiousness. Later I have also been sensitized for societal concerns during my studies at the United World Colleges, where I had the opportunity to participate in the discussion of public issues on an international level.

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I graduated at the MOME Art Management Department, parallel to the ELTE Faculty of Law, where I graduated Doctor in Law, then I studied at Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona and at Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid where I graduated at the Interior Design Department.

During my studies at IED I spent one semester in Paris at ESAG Penninghen, and I worked several monthes in London at Saatchi Gallery.

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I graduated as geographer & hydrologists at Budapest Science University. I had started work as a project manager at the government sector than I went to private sector. Now I am helping for municipalities and enterprises to find the best solution in development.
I take part every good projects where I use my hydrology knowledge eg: DanubeFlow.


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