Mindspace has always been engaged to the topic of smart, liveable cities since its establishment. What can it be like to live in a city, where people pay attention to each other and to their environment, where it is easy to get from A to B, where citizens form an active and reflective community. Mindspace has run on this topic for many times, it played and educated on the banks of the Danube, it let people to tell their stories on Monday evenings, and it started to collect the projects and organizations, which have the same mission: turn Budapest into a more liveable city. When the idea of organizing the „Santiago en 100 Palabras” in Budapest, as „Budapest in 100 words” came up, it was out of the question to consider it. Building bridges and networking are important features of Smart City Budapest, that is why Mindspace choose the 27th of June as the starting date, just like the organisers in Mexico City, thus the call to write about your city set of in Europe and in Central America at the same time.

The „Budapest in 100 words” is the first practical project, which was consciously geared to Smart City Budapest by Mindspace. The team has always been interested in liveable, smart cities, which are based on the open-minded, active and reflective communities. Also known as the Smart People pillar of Smart City. As always we are about initiation and spreading our message: Budapest is a great city. Citizens! Just write, we deal with the rest.

The project is the Hungarian version of the Chilean one, which is organized by Plagio since 2000. You can apply to the contest with a story, which has maximum 100 words and it is somehow connected to Budapest. The project is as easy as nice: what does the city mean to its inhabitants? What kind of stories, memories, feelings and impressions do the have about the city, its spaces, happenings and people? Only in 100 words. Every year thousands of stories are delivered for the call in Chile. The winner stories are illustrated by professional illustrators and exhibited in public places, bus stops, parks, postcards, everywhere in the city.

The Hungarian project is not only for the citizens of Budapest, but also for people who live in this county or Hungarians who live abroad.

The stories can be delivered via www.100szobanbudapest.hu website or by post.

Budapest in 100 words

Budapest is an open book, you just have to look around and read through the lines. Grinding trams, young lovers in the Karolyi Garden, tourist flood at the Great Market Hall, pigeons in the underpasses.


A tavaly elkezdett sikeres '100 szóban Budapest' projekt folytatása újabb izgalmas kihívásokat adott a Mindspace csapatának.


The Budapest in 100 words, the action, which is about your city in 100 words, was brought to Budapest by Mindspace Non-profit Ltd in corporation with the Plagio team from Chile. The 100 words in Budapest is for those, who are pleased to tell their feelings about the city.

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