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A Mindspace Nonprofit Ltd was established in 2011. Our focus areas are neighbourhood revitalisation, facilitation, community planning, citizens engagement and gamification. We are working on the transformation of our beloved city, Budapest. We believe in a more cooperative, cultural vibrant, green, liveable and smart city. We are located mostly in the district VIII.

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We wanted to bring together people around the neighbourhood for one more time to enjoy a nice breakfast with live music, join our sustainability workshops with Verkstaden and Durca, and come with us for a historic walk around the area.


We kicked off the new season by reimagining BRFK Gallery. The new place, called Rákócity became an urban lab with exhibitions and project focusing on the neighbourhood. The first event was Rákóczi Rekreáció, a "recreational center". We filled up the place with donated plants, heaters, nice smells and some hot tea.


With a little rest after Rákóczi Vacation we continued some of our already existing project and started planning for the new ones for the second half of the year. The fall-winter season was almost as busy and exciting as the summer.


Beginning with March 2018, we straightened out our winter visions; lined up Rákóczi Cartel, signed lease contracts, whitewashed, cleaned up and moved in the vacant stores around Rákóczi Market.


After the autumn defibrillation of Rákóczi Square we were already pondering about the future of the Market Hall’s neighborhood and on how to open up possibilities for the revived community.