Budapest in 100 words 2015

The official part of the campaign started in the summer and ended on 1 September, but in August we added 2 further games, which were waiting the playful citizens until the opening of the exhibition on 2 October.

The main point of the community story writing was that the participants could only write maximum 10 words on a card specially made for this occasion than the person had to give it to the next person to continue the story. The other game was jointly made with the Sighter application named the “Hidden words of the Palace district”, in which the participant had to find 12 places with the help of a mobile app, which showed a word to the players at each location. Including these 12 words found participants had to write a story about Budapest on a pre-illustrated postcard.

This year for the official competition 1154 story was submitted, from which the jury selected again the 12 best ones, to which Hungarian contemporary artists made illustrations. The best 100 stories are printed and knitted in the shape of a little booklet.

The project was realized with the support of the BFTK in the frame of CAFé festival.