Car Free Day in Budapest with Mindspace

On behalf of the Centre for Budapest Transport (Budapesti Közlekedési Központ, BKK) we participated in the Car-Free Day event with a booth connected to Smart City in Budapest in 2013. For the youngest age group there was a „throwing game” set up, framed in a poster with holes. By the game we tried to make the 6 elements of Smart City Concept understandable on a practical level by questions, which you could answer easily. In the middle of the booth was an arrow shaped carpet lawn as the symbol of the green urban development. On the other side of the stand there was a 3x3 metres sized orthophoto showing the districts in the city centre in Budapest. The project of , called Pollmap has given the basic idea of our game. You have to recognize and place 30 historic and recent pictures of Budapest. Most of the pictures were connected to transport and recreational land use. The indirect message of the game was to point out that cities are changing constantly as time goes by. Thus we couldn’t just discuss the stories of the pictures with the participants, but also their actual functions in the urban environment and their possibilities in the future as well.