Danube Flow - the chain of events 2012

Danube Flow - Danube Calling aims to draw the attention of the people of Budapest to its beautiful river, the Danube, by organizing events and installing different spots. Through these experiences the inhabitants get to know the river better, use its banks and discover the proximity of nature in the heart of the city. The main event of the flow was the Danube Day held June 29th every year, and the central project of the initiative is considered to be the so-called Danube Trail built out by the river where we may chill and get interesting information about the Danube (open until October).

WINTER Meetups
While waiting for the warm and sunny spring to arrive for outdoor activities, the organizers warmed up for the launch of the flow of actions by regular meet-ups held in the winter season. Here the participants could take part actively in the program plans, and the organizers introduced the details of the Danube Flow and some other projects related to the Danube as well.

Besides these meetups, the organizers opened a call for proposals where a total amount of 1M Ft was available for video, installation, performance, graphics or public art projects.

SPRING and SUMMER events
The flow of events started with a community flashmob where the participants drew the slogan of the project with bicycle lights on the river bank on the World Water Day (March 22).

A so-caled investigation game was organized by our partners to take the participants to the river bank and explore it from a very different aspect in an entertaining way.

On Earth Day (April 22) our main partner, VaLyo organized a stone popping championship. Vizafogó, the spot where the event was held, is a perfect place in Budapest to approach the river, thus we aimed to pay attention to this stretch of Budapest Danube bank.

This year Children's Day was a highlight of the program. Two groups of activists (one of them won on the call for proposals) made an amazing day in the green heart of Budapest, the Margaret island. During the all-day-long activities the children got to know the history of Budapest and the Danube, got familiar with hydrology and city planning in a playful way.

One of the most attractive part of the project is the Danube Trail, which is a bunch of spots near the Danube in downtown Budapest. Special benches with informations on different topics and additional game functions give the biggest impress of the Danube Flow project. These facilities provide hundreds of hours of experience for the inhabitants and the tourists just to sit down and relax near by the river. The Danube Trail is a message to recapture the river banks from the car traffic for the inhabitants.

On June 5 the Danube Trail had an opening ceremony with six Hungarian celebrities. It was a big fun and we happily noticed that so many media spread the info about the Danube Flow project. During the summer a petanque championship was organized to raise awareness to the opportunities of the river banks.

The highlight of the Danube Flow - Danube Calling! project was the Danube Day which was held by the Pest side of Lánchíd (Chain bridge) in Budapest on the eve of June 29. Games for kids by the Danube Dip group, investigation game to discover the city and the Danube, pétanque, concerts and a choir performing Danube-songs entertained the participants of the event. Partner organization WWF demonstrated with their Water caravan (games, infos) too.