Danube Flow - project planning Ws 2012

We started the 2012 year's program planning process with a successful workshop in December 2011. The task of the 26 active participants in Loffice Budapest was to determine the main directions and frames of the Danube Flow 2012 project.

In the first part of the workshop we listened to 4 short presentations. The topics were the Danube Day events and other successful projects of previous years, the Green Initiative program of Coca-Cola and the planned framework of the Danube Flow program.

Presenters were:

Dóra Kováts - Coca-Cola Hellenic Hungary Ltd.: the background and the main aims of the Green Danube Initiative program
Edit Bárd - Danube Museum (Esztergom): Danube Day events of previous years in Esztergom
Miklós Tömör - Valyo group: Danube Info Path - conclusions and future plans
Ádám Kobrizsa - Mindspace: background and the main aims of the Danube Flow program

In the first discussion session the participants shared their personal vision of the Danube, its possible uses and the future of the Danube Day.
Some of the mentioned ideas:

  • the city should be able to reach the Danube and create a real physical connection with the river
  • swimming in the Danube should be a safe and normal activity in Budapest
  • we should create a spiritual link to the Danube and the water as an element in order to understand its deeper meaning
  • communication and cooperation between the local government, the decision makers and the public should be easy and effective
  • we need interacting, active communities that use the water and the river banks
  • sustainable, green-blue Danube, successful Sturgeon 2020 program

In the second round we discussed the ongoing and future project possibilities, synergies and cooperation opportunities.
Some of the mentioned project plans:

  • photo exhibitions in connection with the Night of Museums programs
  • Danube Box, Danube Art Master, competitions for children and students
  • Danube Info Path with street furnitures
  • Youth Exchange, Meetup, ...
  • orthophoto, land art, public art, river art
  • interactive games, pubs, meeting points, concerts

In the third part of the workshop Dr. Márton Méhes (Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna) shared some important information with us about the Danube Cultural Cluster. Márton talked about the working process of the Danube Strategy P2P programs which can help to connect project ideas on the international (Danube river basin) level.

Thanks to Coca-Cola Hungary's sponsorship we can support both bigger and smaller projects in 2012. We plan to share the sum among projects in 2 categories:

  1. We invite organizations that already realized projects and/or already have related program plans
  2. We will announce an open call for individuals, groups, organizations to plan and realize smaller projects in the topics of art or education related to the Danube..

We are building the bilingual (Hun-Eng) Danube Flow website to be the main information platform both of the organization process and the future events. We have already started to organize the first program-package for the winter period. The Social Innovation Meetings (4 events) will share and collect useful information (social innovation, communication, fundraising, project management) and try to bring the civil and business sectors and the local government closer to each other.

Thanks for all participants! Thanks Loffice Budapest for the perfect place, and Büfé Budapest for the perfect catering!