E-motion Happy Data Collector

How did you feel on your commute to your workplace this morning?

Imagine your feelings on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. As you were thinking about how you felt and tried to put a number on it, you likely realized that it’s difficult to capture emotions in a quantitative, data-based way.

There are many factors that are involved on your answer: the weather, personal interactions with family or strangers, transportation experience, etc.

Our project, e-Motion, is about collecting emotional data from urban citizens and create a geo-oriented database. The ultimate goal is to produce valuable, useful and open data to allow any person or organization to discover relevant correlations between the emotional and the urban environment (such as modes of transportation, air quality, etc.)

Our project will develop an online application and innovative offline solutions to collect emotional and additional information by using a combination of the best practices from physiological research and gamification tactics.

Mindspace is a team of international, interdisciplinary citizens enthusiastic about cultural urban development. We have a civil engineer, an industrial designer, a landscape architect, a database architect, an environmental scientist, a sociologist, a project manager, and our group is connected to a wide range of relevant experts.

Driven by the aim to improve cities, we will develop a method for collecting emotional data and share the information as open data to catalyze urban transitions. MindSpace has the know-how on citizenship engagement and our pilot project in Budapest will demonstrate the international value of our product.

'E-motion' is a project idea of Mindspace which was presented on 26th of november 2015 in Design Terminal (citylab.designterminal.hu)