First semester of NewPilgrimAge project

Mindspace participates in NewPilgrimAge project as a thematic knowledge partner, being responsible for communication and providing partners with inspirations and innovative ideas. Cities of NewPilgrimAge (NPA), situated along Via Sancti Martini European Cultural Route which stretches from St. Martin’s birthplace, Savaria (present-day Szombathely) to Tours in France where he became a bishop.

Cities and cultural organisations are mobilising their citizens, most of all young people and small enterprises, to propose and jointly develop new creative initiatives to revive the rich cultural heritage and promote the values of solidarity and hospitality linked to St Martin. Partners not only engage citizens and act locally, but they develop models, write case studies and share their experiences on Community-sourced Cultural Heritage Valorisation, facilitating the replication in any city with similar profile or ambitions.

NewPilgrimAge project is funded by Interreg Central Europe.
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