Get inspired by the Danube - toolkit

The Get inspired by the Danube - toolkit got on a newer level this spring after 2012, the year when the project was launched. The newer elements of the complete package are the sturgeon puzzle whose prototype has been given by Pisztrángkör Association, and Bálint Jaskó’s oneman performance for children “The life of a drop”. The blank map game of the toolkit was adjusted to the local hydrogeographical conditions at the performances in Győr, of course. More details about Danube Flow project >>

An e-learning material on migration of sturgeons has been worked out this summer.

Get inspired by the Danube - toolkit is a well demonstratable programme package, which draws further inspiration for other natural elements. The improvement of fire element games has been undertaken by a PIP program Group Assignment.

Get inspired by the river - toolkit release

Toolkit was a great success in 2012. It was based on Get Inspired by the Danube project, and it has also improved its successes. We bring visitors closer to the river with our interesting, scientific and
playful contest, which was arranged on Margaret Island. Children and their parents can get to know the Danube better with the help of different tasks. Besides quizzes we played with the models of the buildings and structures of the Danube Embankment, spectacular hydrological experiments and water pistols while we showed all kinds of features, caprice and interest of the water and the river.

The toolkit contains various games and entertaining elements focusing on water, especially the Danube.

Danube quiz - who knows more about the river; Creative handicrafts workshops

Scientific experiments

Interactive games

Live educational performances