Investment Ready Warm-up in Budapest

We participated on the Investment Ready Warm-up workshop in Budapest, which was held for start-up entrepreneurs by HUB Vienna.

CoLabs organised the the first Investment Ready Warm-up workshop on 14th February in Budapest. The main organiser of the event, Csilla Nárai, is now coordinating various social innovation initiatives in Budapest, after spending a few years in France,

During the one-day session, case studies and role games helped testing the position of an investor and the steps of their decision making process. The exercises were followed by a lecture on Social Entrepreneurship by Nicolas Hutter from HUB Vienna. As part of an interview with Amir Jacobi from 3TS, he was questioned about the evaluation process of investment readiness.

The highlights of the event included presentations to invited investors with the aim to convince them about proposed investments in only 90 seconds. This section was supported by the Boston Consulting Group.

The workshop was really informative for Mindpspace. We need such events to network and learn about plans and initiatives. Active investors’ participation is essential in creating a smarter city for everyone to enjoy Budapest and the Danube.