Pioneering in Valencia

I spent my international placement of the PIP Programme at the company Arquitectos en Construcción in Valencia.

It was obvious at the Host Matching already that it is going to be complicated to find a host having a profile that matches the smart city concept we are dealing with at Mindspace. Maybe because of it I was even more curious and open to get to know them and I was really keen on the project that we could improve together.

The host company, Arquitectos en Construcción deals with the alternative application of construction material that remained due to the crisis of the real estate market in Spain. They design prefabricated houses made of the construction-containers and other residual, not-anymore-used materials. The first couple of days we spent talking to each other and getting known each other, and just after a couple of meetings we reached the level we can work together on. First of all I started to help them in designing a fresh, progressive look of their project and to build up an international network.

At the end we closed the international placement with the edition of a nice folder. There are many additional open doors too, possible collaborations with Hungarian and Spanish companies that the host can take advantage of in the future. If they can progress well with the prefabrication project we would be able to meet their design in Hungary on the Island Festival or at Graphisoft Park at the campus of the AIT too.

During my placement I obtained a lot of useful information thanks to my host and I could get in touch with several different organizations which could be interesting for Mindspace in future collaboration of smart city projects. Just one to be mentioned: the “Desayuno con Viandantes”. They organize a monthly picnic at different urban spots, somewhat – I hope- we will do on Budapest’s spots with Mindspace from now on. In exchange for the useful information they gave me, the “fathers” of the idea asked me to invite them to our picnic in Budapest. We will do it!