Pro-action Café - before the DunaVision

We have entered the final phase of arrangements for the Hungarian part of the DunaVision project, which was started last autumn. The Pro-action Café provided an excellent warm up for this upcoming Danube-Dialog forum, which will take place 14th- 16th June.

The Pro-action Café’s workshops are based on open dialogue techniques to address societal challenges. We have also joined in with Mindspace’s team to share our passion in developing and realising alternative educational programs and had the fortune to meet many similar minded organisations through the night, such as: Embercombe (UK) (, Visionautics (Germany) (, ArtMonastery (Italy) (, Knowmads (Netherlands) (, Plenum (Austria) (, Youth Initiative program (Sweden) ( who are intertwined via a Duna Kollegium project. We have discussed a wide range of topics, including: how to encourage young generations to lead a more socio-politically active life to the re-definition of social innovation in a European context.

This was the 6th café, organized by Sol Institute, hosted by H13 and enriched with the international expertise of the Hosting Transformation project partners (

If you fancy joining into a similarly inspiring community spirit full space to explore your dreams and drive your ideas towards realisation, do feel free to come to our next event:

Our Common Future – Danube Forum in Budapest , part of the DunaVision 2013 program series

The "DunaVision - the Caravan of Change" is a series of events over 6 months along 3000 km of the Danube with the aim to promote sustainable and human centred development. Participants from various organizations and backgrounds travel and meet via a wide range of programs, forums and workshops to exchange their experiences. The core aim of the events is to strengthen the efforts and networks of bottom up initiatives in the social field via facilitating knowledge sharing.

The Budapest Forum will be led by SoL Hungary – AGA’s who have been running the DunaSpirit – Danube Partnership project since 2010, including the annual Danube Dialogues and the establishment of the Danube College holistic learning centre. Their methods focus on cooperation, co-thinking and co-learning, the benefits of which you can experience during the weekend workshop too.

Photo: ImFusio