Rolling Mindspace ahead

Once the events for the Danube Flow - Danube is Calling! 2012 successfully took place, we finally found some time to define our organization's operational strategy and its future plans. We have been working enthusiastically to initiate real projects from these plans which can be realised as soon as possible. The Danube Flow program will still remain our core project, which we are planning expand with various other sub-projects thematically linked to the Danube.

We have submitted our re-worked River Calling WS youth exchange proposal as part of the 1st of Oktober 2012 call for projects of the Youth in Action program. With the cooperation of 8 international partners this should be a great opportunity for encouraging international networking.

The Danube Flow 2013 program planning workshop was also a success. This time we have expanded the ranges of potential activities, which were originally all Budapest based to include other regions as well. We have built various potential partnerships with the relevant organizations to and are looking forward to working with them during the coming year.

We are also keen to influence the international stakeholders of the Danube and are going to Vienna during December to participate in the Danube Cultural Cluster workshop. Our aim is to link up and actively participate in the arising international Danube Region projects and initiatives.

As a result of a number of personal discussions, we have agreed that Mindspace will focus its work on the following core themes: social innovation, smart city and knowledge management. In line with these, it is essential to broaden our technical expertise and expand our Hungarian and international professional networks.

We have also been approached by an exciting social innovation related initiative and, as a result, have been the host for the Dunauwandel project’s Hungarian planning workshop in October.

To put our expertise into practice, we are also hosting 3 pioneers of the Climate-KIC program. The outcomes of their stay is posted on our website. In the meantime, we too participate in the program and are representing Mindspace in Poland, whilst learning about the newest climate change initiatives and building further knowledge networks.

Our aim is to be able to realise bottom-up projects ourselves, but we also feel it important to be able to support other organizations with our knowledge and extensive networks who share our objectives and visions. This means that we are keen to “build bridges” between grass-root start-ups and larger international bodies.

The team has gained new members, with whom we are capable of efficiently addressing the various theme related work and project management roles within the team itself.

It is still vital for our long term operational stability and successful project delivery to secure international funds and private financial support. Additionally, we are working on establishing our professional services offerings too to support the day to day activities of Mindspace.

As a partner of the Innocities initiative, started instigated by Ceurina Non-profit Ltd, we are the first groups to work on establishing a long term international cooperation between the region’s capitals (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest) relating to innovative urban development of these cities in line with the smart city concepts.

Photo: Marko Rosic