What's up Budapest? - discussions

„Do the recent global issues worry you a bit and give the impression of an uncertain future? Would it be easier to ignore them, but you still somehow interested in the local and international news? Do you think that you have a say?” These were some of the questions raised when Mindspace has launched „What’s up?” weekly talks. For the series of ten discussions we invited speakers with exciting perspectives on the local and global public, economic and social situations.

We were interested in the future of cities, the trend of individual and community involvement and in what the main challenges are that in general the population, and in smaller scale the inhabitants of Budapest has to face with.

The discussions were part of the Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project’s program package of the beginning of 2017. Mindspace’s Urban Cultural Pop-up Space at Mikszáth Square, Budapest gave a home to the weekly discussions.

Our guest in chronological order:

Gábor Bindics, András Derdák
Melinda Várfi, Tamás Hovanyecz
Gergely Kiss, Dániel Rátai
Dániel Mann, Marthijn Pool
Emese Móricz, Gabriella Biró
Judit Barna, Gábor Csete Manek
Balázs Irimiás, András Földes
Márton Galambos, Gergely Brückner
Hajnalka Szarvas, Tamás Mező, Gábor Hamvas
Éva Tornyánszki, Szilvia Zsargó

See photos and introductions on the FB page.

Image credit: Horváth Győző