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I was one of the invited participants of a panel discussion a week ago, entitled Design and Innovation Conference "Creative cities for the local economy". The organizers invited me as the manager of the 'Lets talk about Danube' project. The invitation came quickly, I did not have much time for preparation. Before the discussion I asked myself what I thought about creative cities. My simple answer was: a city is creative if creative people really like to live and work there.

After a little digging in the topic, I've realized that the term appears in many different contexts.
I think that this definition is worth to be highlighted: "The Creative City identifies, nurtures, attracts and sustains talent so it is able mobilize ideas, talents and creative organizations. The built environment – the stage and the setting - is crucial for establishing the milieu. A creative milieu is a place that contains the necessary requirements in terms of hard and soft infrastructure to generate a flow of ideas and inventions. A milieu can be a building, a street an area, a city or a region." [Wikipedia]

An other interesting concept connected to the creative city is the Smart City
"Smart cities can be identified (and ranked) along six main axes or dimensions. These axes are: a smart economy; smart mobility; a smart environment; smart people; smart living; and, finally, smart governance. These six axes connect with traditional regional and neoclassical theories of urban growth and development. In particular, the axes are based - respectively - on theories of regional competitiveness, transport and ICT economics, natural resources, human and social capital, quality of life, and participation of citizens in the governance of cities." [Wikipedia]

I am happy, that I've found these concepts, because I can use these words to describe my previous and ongoing activities.

  • From 2003 we had helped to find the future of the city of Győr in connection with the European Cultural Capital competition. As a water management engineer I was part of the team planning the rehabilitation of natural resources, and as a member of an active civil organisation I was organizing various cultural and education programs.
  • Between 2008 and 2010 I worked for the Hungarian Cyclists' Club to promote urban cycling, as an important pillar of smart mobility.
  • In 2011 we focused on urban development, rehabilitation of urban riverbanks and the communication of the Danube in Budapest, which project was realized by Momeline.

The main activity areas of Mind Forum Ltd. are creative planning, project management and communication. Our aim is to generate and realize successful projects that help to move our cities towards the concepts of Creative City and Smart City.

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