Daniel Chojnacki - Bike officer

When did you decide to work on cycling projects?
during my study - I studied Roads and Bridges and I really don't like highways. Because I am very interested in sustainable transport and I also cycle every day to work.

How can you define your department's mission and what are your focus areas?
My department works on many projects - we build budget of municipality, lead investments, organize traffic and many others. My focus area is of course to develop cycling in the city. At this stage we have to join different part of infrastructure to one coherence system - there is no connection between east and west and north and south. This is the most important things we are working on.

What difficulties did you experience and how did you solve them?
It is a long story. In the 90's, NGO started a discussion with the local municipality about cycling. Finally, in 2007 cycling NGO did this action, and after a few months, the City council started the operate with a cycling officer. At the start I had lots of problems - designers, officers didn't understand cycling problems. But the mentality changed a little bit and now it is easier.

What do you consider to be the most important results from your work?
The growing number of cyclists. We did measure it in every 2 years in the same place and the number of cyclist is growing really fast (e.g. from 260 cyclists/hour in 2006 to more then 600 cyclists/hour in 2012). We realized new cycling infrastructure elements, we made changes in traffic organization, built new bike lanes and roads, set up new bike storages and bicycle hire system. There are three bike officers workingin our department and all the traffic infrastructure plans have to go through our team.

What motivates you in your work?
I'm a passionate cyclists so I just would like Wroclaw to be like Copenhagen regarding cycling and that is my goal.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years time? What are your future plans?
It is a hard question, really - I would like to manage the whole transport of the city :-)

In what areas do you think you could work together the most effectively with other organizations?
We are interested in "soft" cycling promotion and education projects with other cities and organizations.

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Daniel Chojnacki - bike officer
Department for Cycling, Municipality of Wroclaw