The aim of the project is to create an international network in the field of environmental education trough know-how transfer and a creation of a practical curriculum. We want to effect on the attitude of the children to be more environment-conscious. The focus topic is the water. The background of the project is "Dip from the Danube, if you are thirsty for the knowledge" children events, which were realized during the program of Danube Flow - Danube is calling! in 2012.

With the cooperation of partners, an interactive environmental learning toolkit will be elaborated. This material will be available online in English. In parallel, a special toolkit will be elaborated for local municipalities and active local groups as a guide on how to organise river-related events, eg. Danube Days.

Get inspired by the elements!

Our pioneers’ summer assignment was to develop on concepts of climate-innovation. Our group formed around the idea of designing simple games for climate-change related education of children - and thus extend the already existing Get Inspired by the Elements toolkit of Mindspace.


The project aims to create an interactive social playground that focuses on environmental education. Kikapocs shows the complexity of the nature, the built and social environment on the basis of “Get Inspired by the Elements”.


The newer elements of the complete package are the sturgeon puzzle whose prototype has been given by Pisztrángkör Association, and Bálint Jaskó’s oneman performance for children “The life of a drop”.

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