Honest Conf. & Pohoda Festival

This year we have been partners of two Slovakian event, thanks to the successful Visegrad Fund proposals of the Back-space and the KC Dunaj organisations. In July we visited the Pohoda Festival, where to we organised Hungarian participants to an interactive talk on the KC Dunaj and Visegrad Fund stage. The conversation were about the start up enterprises in the V4 area. Bence Kiss, the head of sales department of Attrecto Zrt., headquarted in Győr, represented Hungary.

The other programme was in Bratislava in September. We visited the first one day long Honest Conf. The organisers has stretched goal right away, they created such a programme – completed with international presenters – where Ernő Rubik, the communication department head of Airbnb, Ádám Somlai-Fisher (Prezi) and the Spottify.com founder have also taken place. Things have been come off on international level in Bratislava for years, and we have been following those happenings for years. We could make certain about this aware construction on 20th of September. Loveable and professional networking keeps going the cultural and innovation life of the Slovakian capital. Beside KC Dunaj, it has just got a new centre – by getting the market hall in downtown. It proved by the fact that by the next day of the conference a hall had already turned into a .farm market. We are happy that we could help to add to the quality of the conference by organising there the presentation of Ernő Rubik.