Kikapocs – interactive eco-educational playground – Turn it off! Get away from it all!

This year Mindspace has given high priority to environmental education projects. We have completed “Get Inspired by the Danube” toolkit totally, and a request of permanent online and even more physical presence has been made as well. Thus we set about preparing the plan of “Kikapocs”, the interactive eco-educational playground. As we are thinking of creating a real space, the project is closely connected to the concept of Smart City.

The project aims to create an interactive social playground that focuses on environmental education. Kikapocs shows the complexity of the nature, the built and social environment on the basis of “Get Inspired by the Elements”. It lets people see each element (fire, air, water and soil) in a palpable way which makes physical, chemical and biological, namely environmental phenomena and processes clear through experiences, games and the information given. As a transition between a playground and a park, the created space is suitable to study and get entertained for children, young people and parents.

In addition to knowledge transfer, creating of a modern social space is an essential function of Kikapocs. Either relationship improves among the visitors of the playground or existing communities are offered such a meeting place where they can do exercise, improve their knowledge or talk, relax and recreate in a pleasant environment.

The concept, the plan of the project and the first designs of the tools have been made. In what follows, we will have talks about the implementing with sponsors and local authorities.