Everyone has their own stories

How would you tell the story of your life in 45 minutes? What were your important moments and decisions? What were your steps on the way of life, what helped you walking? Do you think you can influence other’s life, telling them your story? These were the first questions on Monday Talk, that started in the fall of 2013. We just asked interesting people to tell us the story of their life. Then during 20 weeks we had the great opportunity to hear 20 different people talking at Lumen Cafe. Sometimes we invited artists, sometimes entrepreneurs, young people, elder people – one was certain, they made our winter Mondays warm.

The Monday Talk started as an experiment. We wanted to know what happens if in this accelerated world someone sits down, starts a story and the others just listen to it during drinking a hot tea or a glass of sweet wine. We were a good audience, nodding, thinking, smiling, sometimes laughing and finally asking questions. We hope, it was a great experience and the people could get new motivation, or just have an honest, inspiring conversation.

We would like to say thank you to our guests story-tellers (Ferenczi Attila, Koltai Tamás, Bársony Júlia, Fodor Márk, Payr Anna and his husband, Szabó Gergely, Tóth Árpád, Pozsár Péter, Dányi Krisztina, Kulka Janina, Simon Andrea, Botlik Tibor, Bede Anna, László János, Varga Lóránt and Frányó Zsófi, Hajós Zsuzsa, Fabricius Anna, Doró Viktória, Petruska András, Dés Mihály) that they had accepted our invitation and shared their stories with us. We would also like to say thank you to our audience for coming, asking questions and having conversations.

Although in spring, we started the Danube Flow project, we don’t want to say good bye to Monday Talks forever. Let’s move on to the banks of the Danube walking, but don’t forget: Everyone has their own stories. And we’ve just listened some of them. Photo: umjanedoan (Flickr)

Monday Talk 2013

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