Networking and innovative wooden house plans in Wroclaw

2 pioneers (Marine és Jesus) from the Climate-KIC programme arrived to Budapest in the beginning of October to join to the Mindspace's team and its work. The pioneers helped to prepare and find partners in our social innovation activities and visited Hungarian initiatives and organizations to explore the opportunities for a long-term cooperation. Our new "Who can make the change" projects gave a frame to collect and share this information.

Mindspace can contribute to the realization of Climate-KIC's goals with its environmental education and awareness projects. The smart city concept and the knowledge management in this field are also important tools in this process.

In the middle of October we arrived to Wroclaw with our fresh experiences from Pioneers into Practice programme. It is very great feeling that we can deal with the topics "climate changes" and "transition management" as payed experts. We made online interviews about innovative projects with participants of KIC programme and key actors behind different organizations and initiatives.

In Wroclaw we worked for our host organisation, called Side-Cluster, but we could look inside a bit into the activities of other organizations and pioneers. We met with the Side Cluster's new Finnish partner Teijo Talot, who invented a brand new method for sustainable house production. They set up a joint venture together with some members of Side Cluster to produce energy efficient wooden houses in Lower-Silesia starting next year. During our placement we had a discussion with a landscape architect from Wroclaw University, who is involved to analyze the possibilities of new constructions in the field of rural development.

We took part on a two-day workshop about transition management at EIT+, which was given by Anna Wieczorek, a teacher of VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam Global Change Institute. We listened to a lecture from Rosemary Coyne about the british initiative, called Green Deal programme. Rosemary works nowdays for SHAP (Sustainable Housing Action Partnership) in Birmingham. We met and discussed about Wroclaw Cycling Roadmap with Daniel Chojnacki, who is the bike officer of the Municipality of Wroclaw. We also met xxx organization, who cooperate with the municipality of Wroclaw to share the information about the district urban development plan and involve the inhabitants in the process.

I could join to our Radio show (Planet Error - Tilos Radio, Budapest) from Wroclaw (by Skype) and talk about the Polish energy policies and environmental status. During the long weekend we traveled to Berlin, where we could introduce our activities for two organizations (Trial & Error, Sally Below Cultural Affairs).

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