Smart City Budapest (SCB) Initiative collects mostly grassroots projects and organisations from Budapest which are connected to the smart city concept. SCB Initiative aims to introduce best practices from businesses, institutions, non-profit organisations and the people of Budapest. With knowledge transfer our goal is to encourage citizens to take actions for a better city.

A city is smart when investments in capital and communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, in combination with an efficient use of natural resources. But a smart city doesn't exist without smart citizens.

Mindspace can boost SCB initiative with the help of an EU Creative Europe funded project, Shared Cities: Creative Momentum for 3 years from 2016.

Smart City Budapest initiative

As I walk between the high tables set up in the back of the room, I realize these participants are exchanging project information, contacts, ideas and aspirations for a better city.


Mindspace founders and volunteers work hand in hand concluding and perfecting the last-minute details of the long-awaited urban game that is set to begin in a few hours.


The first Smart City conference of Budapest called Mind the Game was organized by Mindspace on the 6th and 7th of October 2014.


Date: 7th October 2014
Venue: Prezi HQ | Budapest, Nagymező u. 54.
Sponsor: Visegrad Fund

More details are coming soon ...


The first week of October took us to Wroclaw, to attend a conference where we presented Mindspace and our project "Paving the way to a smart city".


On behalf of the Centre for Budapest Transport (Budapesti Közlekedési Központ, BKK) we participated in the Car-Free Day event with a booth connected to Smart City in Budapest in 2013.

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