Program planning Workshop 2013

One of the positive results of the first Danube Flow program series is the valuable experiences we gained during the organization of the program elements. We believe that these experiences are worth to be shared with others in the form of a common thinking process about our main topic, the Danube.

We will present our findings on our next program, The Program Planning Workshop, which will also give possibilities to our partners to present themselves and their role in the Danube Flow program. The most important aim of the workshop is the initial planning of our future Danube-related activities and cooperation possibilities.

Background: Danube Flow - Danube calling! 2012 project >>

The teamwork will be framed by the following main topics:

- how can we influence public habits towards an environment-friendly riverbank usage?
- how can we raise public awareness for the Danube (or rivers in general)?
- how can we communicate professional issues effectively to the public?

- how to create more public spaces by the riverbanks in cities?

- how can we help efficient environmental education in schools?
- how to introduce Danube-related issues and topics in schools?

- how can we involve more locale communities into event organization?
- how can we generate more Danube-related projects?

- how can we apply for competition funds and involve external sponsors into the project?

- how can we internationalize the project?
- how can we share our experiences on an international level?

British Council - under organization
Futura - Zoltán Fűzfa - New, non-formal education center in Mosonmagyaróvár
Mindspace - Márton Regőczi - Get inspired by the river project
VaLyo - Miklós Tömör - Experiences of the Danube trail
Coca-Cola HBC - under organization - Company-NGO cooperation potentials
Mindspace - Ágó Pignitzky - Experiences of the Danube Flow project (management, communication)
Municipality of Budapest - under organization
BKK - under organization
Dunaj - under organization - Cultural cooperation possibilities with Slovakia

Danube Flow - Danube Calling! 2013 aims to draw public attention to our beautiful river, the Danube, by organizing events and installing various public meeting spots by the Danube banks. In 2013 the program's main focus is the environmental education, rehabilitation of the river banks, eco-tourism and cooperations. The main event of the flow is the Danube Day held June 29 every year. The program aims to help local communities to organize Danube-related events.

We kindly invite companies and organizations to join our program!


5th of October 2012 / 10.00 - 16.00 - Loffice (VI. Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 55)
6th of October 2012 / 10.00 - 14.00 - Római part (Danube river bank)

Sponsored by: British Council and Coca-Cola Hellenic

Photos: Send me adrift., pippo.baron, k masback