Partner cities of NewPilgrimAge (NPA), situated along the road or their branches, are committed to safeguard and via a 21th century reinterpretation to revive this cultural heritage (CH) and promote the common European values of solidarity and hospitality linked to St Martin. Cities and cultural organisations from 5 CE countries will, through NPA, be equipped with up-to-date knowledge due to specialised trainings delivered to them, and will mobilise their citizens, most of all young people and small enterprises, to propose and jointly work out new creative initiatives to valorise the untapped heritage potentials (e.g. voluntary services in CH preservation and cultural tourism, digitisation, “reuse” heritage through creative and cultural industry).

Co-funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme through European Regional Development Fund and the Hungarian State.

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Photo: solarisgirl (Flickr)

A Mindspace tudás,- és kommunikációs partnerként részt vesz a NewPilgrimAge projektben és inspirációkkal, innovatív ötletekkel segíti a Via Santi Martini, Európai Kulturális útvonal mentén elhelyezkedő partnervárosokat.

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