The cities involved in the project are located along the route of St. Martin. Together, they aim to preserve and revitalize St. Martin’s cultural heritage, and the concept of solidarity and hospitality as well. Cities and cultural organizations from five different Central European countries take part in a special trainings to learn up-to-date knowledge in the field of cultural heritage.

The target group is mainly the younger generation of the city and smaller businesses. The mobilization of joint work with these groups will help launch new creative initiatives that cover previously untapped heritage protection opportunities. (eg: voluntary program in the field of cultural heritage protection and cultural tourism, digitization, rethinking our heritage from a creative and cultural perspective).

Mindspace as a professional communicator

Mindspace participated as a professional partner in the NewPilgrimAge project, performing general communication related tasks. We fully managed the official website, produced newsletters and wrote press materials, and we managed the social media interfaces of the project as well. We also created textual, pictorial and moving images, animated content, graphic works with mandatory image elements. We tried to keep the full look of the NewPilgrimAge project fresh throughout.

We have organized several events related to St. Martin both domestically and in the partner countries. As we already had previous experience in the field of community building, we prepared a professional material for the partners and held a training related to that at the second professional meeting that we organized in Budapest. The TEM meetings were held each semester in different partner cities, where the members of the consortium could also learn more about the cultural heritage and community initiatives related to St. Martin and learn from each other. Also, thanks to our past experience, we played and made several joint events easier and more accommodating, despite the difficult theme, one of the highlights of this was a big event in Veneto.

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