Since the end of March, citizens can count on collective breakfast and morning acoustics at Rákóczi Market biweekly. Mindspace’s investigated market life since summer of 2017 and comes up with small-scale happenings in and around this market hall. With Rákóczi Breakfasting we simply wanted to create place and time to sit together with the regulars and attract newcomers.

The concept follows the typical community breakfast set up: we provide tables, armchairs, toaster, coffee, tea, sugar, mugs, napkins and such. Other breakfast essentials are bought locally by the people, who join us; basically anything placed on the table is shared. Elders are the most surprised with this idea, some shy off with a vague smile while others return with a half a kilo of tomato. The number and mix of people sit with us differ each time, and although we happy have our friends here, we glad for recognizing dramatically less and less faces among breakfasters. Some of them comes directly for the breakfast call, others just happen to stay around listening to the accordion concert, or wait for their children finishing their crayon drawing.

We also bring along some readings, to be more exact ‘8oldal’, which is our favourite hands-down, peculiar 8-page-long magazine on the 8th district, with an altering blend of local horoscope, offline tinder, unpaid ads and urbanism glossary etc. The breakfast is organized in front of a vacant store, the second-hand furniture rescued from some sort of office clearance, are actually borrowed from Eldorádó (local food stand), and rather gives a living room feeling of the socialist era. We highlight its beauty with some pot plants and fresh flowers bouquets got straight from the grannies, at the opposite entrance of the market. Some other local vendors support us by a cheese platter, discounts or adapt their closing hours to our breakfast schedule. The market operator, Csapi is now seeking ways in contributing more and opened for bringing in a wider variety of events. Surely, we are continuing Rákóczi Breakfast, and on the long run we plan to discreetly, and gradually pull back and watch its natural transformation.

Don't forget: Every second Saturday, Rákóczi Breakfast in the market hall!

The Rákóczi Breakfast is co-financed by Shared Cities: Creative Momentum (EU Creative Europe programme), CSAPI and supported by Eldoradó restaurant and many other partners

Rákóczi Breakfast / community breakfast in the market

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