Urban markets, that once flourished has not adjusted well to the changing needs of citizens. The imposing halls of often centrally located urban markets are unfortunately heavily underutilized and dysfunctional in our region. It is globally recognized that great markets can spark urban revitalization, foster community diversity, and improve public health, environment and support urban competitiveness. Underestimating the power of markets is regional challenge.

Markets are not just places of commerce, hey help to grow and connect urban and rural economies, encourage development, enhance real estate values, and keep money in the local neighbourhood. Additional benefits of markets are numerous. From increasing access to fresh, healthy food to providing important revenues, markets positively impact local businesses, governments and residents. If we make better shopping decisions, we affect local livability, fair food production and environmental protection as well. But, perhaps most important is the way markets serve as public gathering places for people from different ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic communities. As one of the few places where people comfortably gather and meet, markets are our neighbourhoods’ original civic centers. This is why tourists often seek local markets as well, to become acclimatized and feel the local vibes. If a market functions well it can drive the rehabilitation of the surrounding neighbourhood as well. There are a number of international movements. We aim to localize these initiatives in our region and join the new era of markets.

The project focuses on underutilized markets and their neighbourhoods in V4 cities. We start DISCUSSIONS on how public markets can stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace as the success of a public market depends on its ability to remain flexible. We RESEARCH root causes, sociological background, identify current situation and circumstances. We share revitalization experiences and best practices, combine different perspectives with the aim to work out the best solutions.

More details: https://smartcitybudapest.eu/project/v4-market-and-neighbourhood-revital...

V4 4 cities, 4 markets 2019

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