Rivershow in Esztergom - Insights about the Danube strategy

“Rivershow” took place on the 20th of March in Esztergom. The aim of the event was to give insights about the present state of the 3rd priority of the Danube Strategy which is the most relevant priority to us. (More about the PA3: http://groupspaces.com/CultureTourism) In the initial presentations we got to know general information on the Danube Strategy which is more a frame for cooperation then allocated budget or new institutions. In general, you can read further on the Strategy here: http://www.danube-region.eu/
To summarize shortly the new information that was presented by Dr. Márton Méhes (Collegium Hungaricum - Danube Cultural Cluster):

  • The priority areas have working groups (Priority Area Coordinators (PACs)) who define the action plans and general objectives (it consists of 7 elements, the main aim is to foster cooperation in the Danube Region)
  • In Hungary, the government official of the Danube Strategy is Balázs Medgyesy http://dunaregiostrategia.kormany.hu
  • Labelling of projects: Project ideas can be sent to the Secretariat of the Danube Region Strategy or the project ideas of PA3 can be directly sent to the working group. If the group finds that the project is in line with the strategy, it creates a letter of recommendation that can be used in future grant applications. This doesn’t guarantee success, but it can have some added value in the proposal.
  • In the yearly report of last year, the PA 3 working group listed some best practices.

Some examples:
Donaufest, Ulm - http://www.donaubuero.de/donaufest
Flow Festival, Ausztria - http://flow-festival.info
Danube Limes - http://danube-limes.eu
Furthermore, the Danube Flow - Danube calling! project of Mindspace was also mentioned. http://danubeflow.eu.
Besides this, an exciting cooperation project in the Danube Region: http://www.danube-networkers.eu

As a follow-up, the I. Danube Cultural Conference got mentioned, which will be organized in Ulm in April 2013.