Summary about the Danube Flow workshop

We have successfully organized the Danube Flow program planning workshop on Oct 5-6 2012 in Budapest. First day took place in L'Office and we moved out to the Danube bank on the next day. The results and experiences of this year's programs were presented during informal presentations. Ágó Pignitzky presented the whole Danube Flow program in general and Miklós Tömör talked about one of the program elements, the Danube River Trail.

The workshop put a great emphasis on the self-introduction of the participants and their organizations, together with their existing and planned programs. Némethné Deák Irén (NEKI Győr) presented the last 9 years' Danube Day activities indicating that the Danube Flow 2013 program series will focus on the whole Hungarian Danube area.

Next year's program framework was also presented. This is almost identical to our 2012 framework, meaning that after professional meetings during the winter months we will deliver a series of divers programs starting from spring 2013 with a special emphasis on the Danube Day activities.

We also presented the collaboration levels of the Danube Flow program. These are:

  • Informal collaboration: sharing information among participants (newsletter)
  • All participating actors and connecting projects and sites will be presented on the Danube Flow site
  • Professional know-how sharing (application for various funds, event organization)
  • Financial or matierial and practical support of partner programs
  • Actual collaborations on the project level

During the workshop we went through the various financial possibilities that can help our actual future programs come to life (Visegrad Fund, Youth in Action, Active European Citizens, etc).

The Mindspace group revealed its main program plans in their two most active topics - education and culture. Plans regarding urban developments in connection with the actual 2013 programs were presented as well.

  • Creating a toolkit to help educational and program planning work
  • Active participation in the work of the Danube Culture Cluster
  • Plans for temporary hand over of the Pest embankment for the Danube Day programs

During Saturday we gathered actual program plans for next year and we prepared a detailed task list for the upcoming three months. We are planning to hand in further applications and broaden the Danube Flow partner network.

We are open to work together with further partners and would like to say a big thanks for all participants whose active contribution made this workshop a real success.