The project is based on a chilean idea (organized by Plagio). The task is really easy and obvious for a person who feels any connection with the city. Write down in maximum 100 words, what the city means to you, what are your thoughts, fears, imaginations, wishes and doubts about it. The story can be about a picture which comes to your mind in the metro, a smell you feel in an abandoned street or just a dream.

In 2014, the first city in Europe, where we organized this contest, was Budapest. We received a lot of great stories, the 12 best were chosen by selected judges and were illustrated by 12 contemporary artists. We organized an exhibition, and the exhibition’s opening ceremony included the award ceremony. It was a really big success, a range of individuals participated and engaged in the event,afterwhich we received very positive feedback.

From 2015 we are willing to organize the contest not just in Budapest, but in other European cities as well.

Your city in 100 words

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